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This document called ‘Terms and Conditions’ integrates and defines the contingencies and directives for the use of the website of the company ‘Sofrich’ addressed at

The use and surfing of this website implies automatic acceptance of the mentioned terms and conditions by you. If you do not wish to accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this document, for the use of the website allocated to Sofrich, you should not continue to use it.

In regards to documents or agreements including the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer Intimation, Privacy Protection Statement and others provided on the website, the phraseology will be as mentioned subsequently. The words ‘Client’, ‘You’, ‘Your’ and ‘Yourselves’ make reference to you, the person who has accessed this website and shall be the party who will accept the contingencies and directives scripted in the Terms & Conditions document. The words ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, ‘The Company’ and ‘Ourselves’ make reference to the company Sofrich. The words ‘Party’,’Us’ or ‘Parties’ refer to both the Client and the Company. The terms and conditions outlined in this document apply to the events in which the client makes an offer, the company accepts the said offer and a payment of the appropriate sort, called a consideration, is made by the client to complete a transaction between the Client and the Company, of the services Sofrich is willing to provide to its clients, as per the law of the land.


The website allocated to Sofrich engages in the use of cookies. The user has implicitly accepted the use of cookies and also the Privacy Policy of the Sofrich website. Cookies are a methodology used by the server to access and store some of the user’s data in order to make it easier for the user in case of frequent or periodic visits by them. Some of our associated marketing partners also employ the use of cookies.


All the subject matter, data and information on the website of Sofrich and the intangible Intellectual Property Rights associated to them are owned by Sofrich and its licensees. All the rights to the Intellectual Property are reticent and exclusive to the company. Fair use is definitely permitted subjected to the following contingencies:

  • No subject matter from the website of Sofrich must be published again for commercial purposes.
  • Subject matter from the Sofrich cannot be sold, rented or sub-licensed.
  • The information on the Sofrich website should not be copied, reproduced or replicated.
  • The material from the Sofrich is forbidden from being appropriated.

There is a particular area on the website available to the Client where they are free to leave their opinions and points of view about the website and the company. These reviews are not tampered with and reflected in their original form on the website. The Sofrich company feels obliged to inform the Client that Sofrich shall not be responsible for these remarks from the many different clients the company has as per the law’s bounds.

These comments are an exception to the ownership rights of the Company because it is public opinion and not the intangible property of the Sofrich company. This fact extends the absence of liability of the Company from any harm or damages caused by the remarks posted on the website.

With that in context, Sofrich has full control on what comments shall and shall not make it to the website according to their ideals and requirements.

You are informed that when you leave a comment on the website, you permit the following:

  • The user has absolute permission to leave any remarks, comments and information as suits them and it does not violate any license or permission owned by the company.
  • The user remarks published on the website do not trespass on the copyright, license or any other intellectual property rights owned by either the Sofrich company or any other associated party.
  • The remarks left by the users of the website are not libelous, defamatory, insensitive or in general inappropriate which will be charged on the user them self as unlawful.
  • Any commercial business/activity or illegal activity shall not be promoted or marked via the means of the comments left by the users on the website of Sofrich.
  • There is an implied non-written non-exclusive license extended to the company and anybody who comes across such remarks on the website to use, replicate, reproduce, edit and sub-license in any form by you.
Hyperlinking to our Content

Some establishments may be attached to the Sofrich website without any prior written consent including News firms, Search engines/gateways, Government agencies, famous and trusted businesses with similar profiles and online information disseminating websites which have hyper linking with other similar companies’ websites as well. A few organizations like Non-profit establishments, charity seeking websites and charity based businesses are forbidden completely from hyper linking.

In terms of the hyper linking that is allowed has some rules to it. The abovementioned organizations are permitted to link to Sofrich’s main home page or any declarations associated to the Sofrich website as long as the link:

  • is semantically clear and is not delusive and ambiguous
  • is not being hyperlinked strictly for commercial purposes
  • is not being hyperlinked for fake implications of any kind of patronage of the party which is being allowed to hyperlink and its assets and
  • Is related semantically to the website involved in hyper linking.

The establishments which request Sofrich for hyper linking and we approve it are: popular commercial, trading and consumer information forums, company sites which dot com at the end, online compiled data collectors and distributors, charity seeking websites, firms dealing with legal and accounting work, online portals and educational platforms. Some parameters are ensured before hyper linking permissions are granted by Sofrich.

The Company makes sure that the link:

  • Does not work to our reputation and goodwill’s disadvantage;
  • Does not associate Sofrich with any of its rival businesses or any such company which has any records of negative interactions with it;
  • Stimulates such traffic engagement for the website that it compensates for the absence of visibility of the name Sofrich in the hyper linking;
  • Is used in reference to general dissemination of knowledge.

The process for getting approval for hyper linking is as follows:

The organization should establish contact via email expressing its request for hyper linking Sofrich’s website. The email request’s body should necessarily consist of the name of the person of contact from the requesting organizations, the name of the requesting organization, a link to the website of the organization in question, a list of URLs which would hyperlink our website and a list of URL links which the organization wishes to hyperlink. Sofrich will usually reply within 3 weeks.

Hyper linking can be done by the use of Sofrich’s name, URL or a valid description of the website. Without a trademark license, hyper linking is not allowed using the logo of Sofrich or any such creation.


When content from Sofrich’s website is hyperlinked by an organization’s website, we do not hold any responsibility to the consequences that might come out of it. The organization that hyperlinks is bound to stand behind Sofrich in case of any defamatory or libelous claims against us.


We reserve unqualified rights to request removal of any or all links to our website at our pleasure. If you link our website, you are bound by our terms and conditions for it. Much like our authority in allowing any linking and hyper linking of our website, we have a strict policy of removal of links as well.


Any links on our website which cause you discomfort or you find inappropriate, can be requested to be removed by communication via email. We invite such requests but do not promise immediate removal or immediate responses or complete surrender to any requests. We have to inform you that we do not claim the accuracy of the information provided on our website. The information might be outdated and promotional aiming towards maximum engagement. We can therefore not be held liable in a court of law for misinformation and you should engage with our products and website accordingly.


Sofrich has made the maximum efforts in this Terms and Conditions document to keep aside any contingencies, representations and guarantees with respect to the website and its use, as much as the law of the land allows.

This disclaimer still holds up the:

  • Liability that rests with us or you when there is a death or grievous injury on account of the Sofrich products;
  • Liability that rests with us or you when there is a fraudulent activity or misrepresentation on account of the Sofrich products;
  • Liability that rests with us or you in situations which might be lingering on unlawfulness and illegality of any actions;

When there is any injury or desecration or monetary contradictions due to services provided by the Sofrich website for free. The company holds no liability. This disclaimer is applicable to prevailment and applicability of liability under any area and heading mentioned in the Terms & Conditions.

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