Our company tries to ship the items as soon as we get the order request from the customers. But it will not be the same day as your order.

Generally you’ll get your order the chosen shipping time frame and according to your location (7-15 working days). It won’t be mentioned in the product description page.

If you have any query related to the lead time on a specific item, feel free to contact us with your queries. We are at your service all the time.

When you have placed the order, generally you should receive an email confirming your order in a while. Contact us immediately. This is very important because, If you have not received the confirmation mail of the order, maybe you also will not get the mail with your shipment notification and tracking notification.

How to order our company products?

Please visit our website for placing our company products. You also call us for placing orders and getting the answers to your queries.

Is there any minimum price for ordering products?

We are glad to inform you that there is no minimum price for placing orders and the price which is mentioned below the products is inclusive of all the taxes.

Where is our company delivering the products?

We would like to inform you that our company is delivering products across the country.

How can you pay for the orders?

If you are going to order any product through our customer service and website then you can pay the cost of the products by using Credit/Debit cards, E-wallets and internet banking. We always ensure easy and secure online transactions.

If you are not comfortable with online transactions then you can pay the amount after receiving the products by selecting the cash on delivery mode.

What amount may you have to pay as shipping charges?

Shipping charges are charged to you based on your location and we do not charge any amount as shipping charges for delivering the orders having orders totaling more than Rs 399 /-. We can charge the delivery charges for the orders less than Rs 399 /-.

Do you get any confirmation mail after placing the orders?

Yes, You will definitely get a confirmation mail from the company when you will successfully place the order through the company website or customer service. If you will not get the confirmation, then please contact us immediately. We will always be there to help you with your issues.

How can you track your order?

When you place the order, we will try to ship your order as soon as we can and when your order is shipped, our courier partner will send you a message which includes the tracking numbers of the particular order. By using this tracking number you can get to know about order’s location on our website.

How many days can it take for the products to reach me?

Generally it takes 10 to 15 days for the shipment to reach you. But due to this Covid-19 pandemic the shipment may take longer to reach you and it also depends on your location. If the company warehouse is near to your location then the order will reach you soon because otherwise it might take a little longer.

Invoice for the order:

An invoice for your order will be provided to you at the time of delivery which will be the proof of the originality of your product.

How can you contact us in case of any order related queries?

If you have any queries related to our products, you can visit our website or you can call us and talk to our customer executives.

Important notes you should remember:

  • If your order has arrived at your doorstep and the courier partner does not get any response from you then your order will be returned back to the company’s warehouse. In such a case, the company will refund you only product cost, shipping charges will not be refunded. After receiving the order, if you find any item is missing then you should inform us as soon as you can (preferred 3-5 working days). In case, if you have not received your order within the shipping time frame from the purchase date. You should contact us immediately, we may not accept the concern if received after the deadline.
  • In a very case, it can happen that order be returned back to origin because of incomplete address information from the consignee. In such a situation, we may refund your order cost only.
  • If you refuse to take a delivery, then the company will try to return the item back to the company’s warehouse and return shipping charges will be deducted from the cost of the item that you ordered. So the refundable amount will be Item cost – Return shipping = your refundable amount and this refundable amount will be raised in your card, payment app wallet or bank account as soon as the returned item will return back to the company.
  • You should make sure you are tracking your courier at every step. It keeps a check on the discrepancies if there are any in the procedure or if anything is going wrong. Sometimes shipping companies go through bad phases and it is necessary for you to keep a track on your courier.
  • Shipping policies also have customer care numbers or query numbers in case of any questions. It is ideal for shipping companies to have such facilities for better transactions.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any fault on the end of our partner courier services. We have a very professional communication with our partners and it is an exclusive relationship in the sense that they fulfill their responsibilities and we do our part in the service.
  • Our products do not have an expiration date. In case you receive any ruined products, the product should be returned diligently and immediately. If you delay in returning the products it will be solely your responsibility and we can only assist you through our query numbers.
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