Hair has always been a charm and is thus aware of their swarms of glory. Hair contributes to one’s individuality. Using contemporary treatments that produce skin response, greying, hair loss and pelvis without giving the permanent cure and have significant side effects, on the other hand. Non-toxic; non-irritant; natural hair regeneration product is very much needed.

Sofrich offers a unique solution for hair care and is capable of dealing with any hair condition. It is the mixture of natural herbs with essential oils which, by natural components, is non-toxic and non-irritant.

Sofrich offers the range of products for the comprehensive hair care solution. It comes with 9 Plus 9 Hair oil and Sofrich Intense Hair Fall Control / Dandruff Control Shampoo and Conditioner.

We may start to believe that taking care of our skin and hair is like spreading into this narrative and feeding into the capitalist ills of society in a world which constantly places its focus on the function of external beauty each day. However, self-care is the core of self-love. The significance of personal cleanliness and health must be borne in mind. This is because your hair’s health reflects you’re inside wellness. The nourishment and caring you give your body reflects and shows the status of your hair. Therefore, your body, including your hair, should be taken good care of. It is crucial not just to your health but also to your trust. Trust comes out of you, and if you know how greatly you care has given yourself and how it has a good influence on your life then trust and contentment will immediately fill you.

Sofrich thus provides several products for hair care :

  • Sofrich 9 plus 9 Strengthening Hair oil
  • Sofrich Intense Hair fall Control Shampoo
  • Sofrich Intense Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Sofrich Intense Hair Fall Control Conditioner
  • Sofrich Intense Dandruff Control Conditioner

Although they are created for particularly specific hair problems, the natural elements of hair oil, shampoos and conditioners are able to almost resolve any hair health issues via prolonged and regular usage.

Benefits of using our products:

  • The fact that the essential oils in the hair oil are highly efficient encourages hair growth.
  • The shampoo and the conditioner are both capable of nourishing the hair and providing strength.
  • The shampoo of hair drops contains keratin, which helps to heal hair damage.
  • The shampoo and conditioner dedicated to dandruff include a highly humidifying component which ensures that the scalp is dry.
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