Self-care is very important to everyone in today’s times. Be it men or women or children, most people in the world have their own issues with their hair and want to work on them to breathe new life into them. For this reason, M/s Auztus Laboratories Pvt Ltd took it on themselves to curate a range of hair care products under the name ‘Sofrich Skincare’ and the brand of ‘Sofrich’. It offers solutions mainly for people who have problems of extreme hair loss and dandruff build up.

Sofrich hair care products claim to cater to all hair problems under the sun. The secret behind this is the fact that Sofrich hair care products are created to enrich hair from inside to outside and especially in dealing with the health of the scalp without which no permanent solutions can ever be offered for any hair problems.

The products in the line are:

  • Sofrich 9 plus 9 Strengthening Hair oil
  • Sofrich Intense Hair fall Control Shampoo
  • Sofrich Intense Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Sofrich Intense Hair Fall Control Conditioner
  • Sofrich Intense Dandruff Control Conditioner

All the Sofrich hair care products are made from natural ingredients which have been widely researched and known for the benefits they bring to the health of our hair. The best part about the products is that not only are they immensely effective in regular everyday use but they are also affordable and accessible to people from all strata’s of the society.

Sofrich Skincare curated these products to specifically provide an experience of nourishment and grandeur to everyone without actually having a price point which screams redundancy. Sofrich caters to your hair care needs no matter what they are with being gentle and hypoallergenic at the same time.

About the company Sofrich and their services:

  • Sofrich Skincare is based in India and all products are manufactured in India, boosting the “Make in India” initiative of the government.
  • All the ingredients are completely naturally procured and are 100% vegan.
  • Animal testing was not done for testing out these products. The products are what is called ‘Cruelty-free’.
  • No shipping costs will be applied to your orders which cost more than a certain amount and the Cash On Delivery option is also available.

Sofrich products also incorporate essential oils in them. The aromatic experience essential oils bring to the shampoos and conditioners and the oils are unmatched. Essential oils have their own important and beneficial qualities that cater to hair care.

All the ingredients are mixed and incorporated carefully and scientifically in proportions which are just right to bring about the targeted effect. Proportions make all the difference in hair care and baby care products and the team at Sofrich Skincare have been careful in creating a balance of ingredients to deal with almost any hair related problems and treat them from their very root cause. So stop worrying and leave all your worries away with us.
After successfully lauching the hair care range, Sofrich team is working tirelessly round the clock to introduce the range of skin care products, so stay tuned, you will be the first one to know about it.

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